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We help enterprises to implement advanced solutions in order to drive organizational growth.

By using both analytical and business tools we can help you with stages of ideation, analysis of external business environment, set of strategy, analysis of alternatives, benchmarking services, business process optimization, custom research, user training, creation the concept and implementation of personnel development framework.


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How We Work

To identify needs:

we facilitate strategic and foresight sessions in order to clarify the specific needs, set priorities, identify gaps and create vision.

To develop the concept:

we develop the unique concept of improvement based on: current context, identified needs, best practices.

Creation the documentation:

we create all the needed documentation to provide effective implementation, duplication and sustainability of projects.

Implementation & QA:

we work on effective implementation of the concept for provision of cost effectiveness, high performance and guarantee of quality.


Services Services

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Ol`Miers offers a continuum of services to meet the needs of our clients to build capacity for better results. We work with enterprises, NGOs, training departments.

Based on holistic, system and scientific approach, our services enable to build innovative capacity of personnel to build on strength and address identified areas of growth.

Our services cover:

personnel professional development, work-based training, business analysis, data science and ICT tools for professional development.

Training Consulting Services:

 - analysis of current situation with personnel professional development (using analytical tools, interview with stakeholders etc.).
 - training needs analysis (by facilitating of strategic and foresight sessions, running interviews, development of model of competencies etc.).
 - skill assessment (using such tools as assessment centers, interviews, statistical processing of data).
 - design of professional development framework (providing concept, documentation, training programs, methodology, content of e-learning courses etc.).
 - implementation of professional development framework (trainings, post training support, coaching etc.).

Business Analysis Services help to:

 - analyze the external environment and current trends
 - research internal business processes
 - create competitive advantage
 - improve operational effectiveness
 - realize the full potential of personnel

Data Science Services include:

 - business analytics based on Big Data and AI
 - predictive modelling
 - statistical data processing
 - e-learning solutions
 - IT cooperation platforms and intra-firm social networks.


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Lypinskogo str, 2
Kyiv, Ukraine